Blogging squared

My final project report is now finished, but the project continues.

As a teacher, you easily get set in your ways and although my blogging has always been innovative, I have been using the same web tools for a while now. The Interactive Web Tools Course offered by the University of Oregon has forced me to try out new tools and think about ways to integrate them into my blogs. I've thoroughly enjoyed looking at what other teachers from around the world have come up with in extreme circumstances such as power shortages, one-computer classrooms, poverty etc. I will never take what we have here in Finland for granted again. Working with wonderful creative teachers who do not have the same technological advantages has broadened my horizons and my list of useful links grown even longer.

Compared to some pedagogical IT courses that I have taken in Finland, the University of Oregon offers quality, hands-on instruction which I find very refreshing. There is only so much theory that can be studied, sometimes it's best to just click away and learn by trial and error! I have learned to boldly embrace new technologies and I have even started teaching on Facebook, which is something I have always dreamed of. By now, I already have 100 fans and I have to say that teaching on Facebook is quite addictive!


  1. Hello Anna,
    I completely agree with you about all things we learned in the University of Oregon. I own to this University so great gratitude for offering us such a course. I also think that we can use all parts of technology to make our teaching and learning environment motivating and exciting.

    Wish you everything the best in the future.


  2. Dear Anna,

    I share the same joy with you as I am also very satisfied with the education I've received here from the University of Oregon. It is definitely full of useful and applicable knowledge.


  3. Hi Anna,

    Since you enjoy using Facebook so much, I will put it this way: I LIKE what you say about the course we are attending and which is coming to an end. It is indeed a quality rich course with everything in place, from Readings to internet classroom i.e. Nicenet, etc. and it has been a privilege to be a member of this course. You are right about how the list of useful websites became ever so longer during this course and I never thought that we could find so many useful web tools to bring into the classroom. I am glad that you managed to turn Facebook into a teaching tool, if nothing it is nice to see that someone is using it for something good as teaching.
    I wish that you find many more interesting ways to pass your knowledge onto your students.

    Davor Smolic