PowerPoint is a tool, not a method

Don't take your students' technological skills for granted, they have to be taught how to use PowerPoint. I always demonstrate how to create a PowerPoint before students start making their own. Nevertheless, the end-result is PowerPoints with too much text and a terrible layout. The problem is that they are afraid to memorize their speech and look at the audience. Instead, they often end up reading EVERYTHING off the PowerPoint. What I have learned is that the key to a good PowerPoint is teaching students how to PRESENT A TOPIC and SPEAK in front of an audience. After that, the PowerPoints are easy. It often helps when they see some students read from the slides and realize the problem themselves when filling peer evaluation forms.

Why most presentations suck


  1. Hello Anna,

    I completely agree with your title that PowerPoint is a tool not a method. I also realized that students are afraid of presenting something by using PowerPoint because they think that they have to say every possible word from the presentation. I also think that it is rewarding to explain to students how to use PowerPoint before they present something.
    Thank your for sharing these useful slides with us.

    Best regards


  2. Dear Anna,

    thank you for your tips and insights, it's great to see your passion and expertise.